Closure is Only a Realization Away — (2018 NaNoWriMo excerpt)

The metaphorical heart is more convoluted than the mind, more of a mystery than dark matter, more paradoxical than time travel, and more frustrating than trying to be good to a really messed-up person. It’s unfortunate (pardon the understatement) that some of us feel genuine love for someone, while these particular personalities aren’t yet (or ever) capable … Continue reading Closure is Only a Realization Away — (2018 NaNoWriMo excerpt)


Relationship Villains — ‘Bad Guys’ in Denial

[Note: The use of the term ‘Bad Guy’ in this piece does not indicate gender. It is used in a neutral sense.] Nearly all breakups involve both parties making mistakes, whether actively or passively. This is not to say those mistakes are of the 50/50 sort. Most are close enough, however, that once any ill … Continue reading Relationship Villains — ‘Bad Guys’ in Denial